Supply Chain Visibility & Technological Sophistication

The ABF Global visibility tools are web-based systems that facilitate collaboration between various users in the extended supply chain, enabling inventory optimization and enhancing supply chain performance. Our IT team leveraged integration of the visibility software with our superior TMS capabilities, giving customers unique supply-chain management tools.

Many companies use logistics management systems to tame supply chain complexity. Yet problems arise when one system needs to communicate with another and the supply chain loses momentum. Bringing order to this chaos, our unique system automatically converts data to the system in use. Customers have complete online control. No phone calls. No need for dual entry. Pure speed, precision, and finesse.

This integrated system provides a single point of contact from the foreign door or foreign port to their final customer. And it doesn’t matter whether the customer is a retailer importing directly for their own use or a middleman who is moving the freight for other customers.

An integrated supply chain not only responds faster and more efficiently to customer needs but also is better placed to predict future needs and evolve. It becomes capable of shaping and delivering new products and services ahead of the competition.

As a result, we operate a network that is a nimble, highly functional service model of total supply-chain optimization. By collaborating with marketplace leaders who possess the technological sophistication to participate in a unique overlay system of software support, we created our supply chain support network based on a mutual commitment to superior quality and customer care.

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